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the Lord to-show him which side to take. Which was the
Lord's side. One mornen he said, 'I ain't a-stayen in this
country, on-easy in my mind and with neighbours.5 He said,
' I'm a-leave-en.'

" So he got shet of what he had, land and gear, what he
couldn't git on a wagon. And he put two span oxen to the
wagon, and we all hit out toward north Arkansas. Pappy
had a cousin in north Arkansas who wrote him a letter sayen
north Arkansas was air man's country, free fer the gitten, a
fair land and flowen. We went down west Tennessee, whar
. hit was cotton, ever whar a man looked. And to Memphis.
We got on a steamboat at Memphis and went down the
Mississippi and up the Arkansas. Then we come to the town
of Little Rock. We stayed in Little Rock nigh on to three
weeks waiten fer pappy's cousin. And me, I got so I knowed
my way all over the hull town, you know how a kid is,
a-pryen and a-prowlen. We was campen down on a little
crick, and pappy was a-fretten and a-fume-en to be gitten on,
and the season wearen. He wanted to be gitten some ground
broke, even if hit was late, and a house up fore winter. And
the drinken water in Little Rock, hit wasn't so good and
pappy one to be' cantankerous about drinken water. They's
water in that country, but hit ain't good water lak the water
here. Lots of folks them days had the flux in Little Rock,
they said, and hit was the drinken water. And pappy was a-
fume-en to git on.

" But me, I was ten-'Ieven year old, and ever day Sunday.
Fd go up and see the men drillen and gitten ready, some of
them drillen with sticks, not have-en no guns yit. One day
I says, 'Pappy, ain't you gonna be a sojer?' 'Sojer, sojer,' he
said, fyou stay away from them sojers, or 111 whale the tar.'
But I'd slip off and go watch them sojers, lak a kid will. I
had ne'er seen sich.

"Then pappy's cousin come. 'Amon/ he said to my
pappy, fer Amon was his name, 'I been slow a-gitten here,
but sumthen crost my path/ He taken a piece of paper outer
his pocket, and he had drawed a map on hit, with ever thing